manda (manda2016) wrote,

another survey....

~~** Regular Shit**~~
First name: Amanda
Nicknames: Bo Boo(lol, thats my newest one), skipper, slut, Manda, lil bitch!, and many more!
Single or Taken: as of now...i'm single!
Sex: Female...obviously!
Birthday: December 2
Astrological sign: sag
Siblings: 3 brothers, 1 sister...(and my soul/blood
Brothers: 3......18, 6, 5
Sisters: 1 dunno...don't know her...
Hair color: brown..blonde highlights
Eye color: brown
Shoe size: 8...8 1/2
Height: 5’4
Shampoo: whatever’s in the shower
Conditioner: whatever’s in the shower
School: MHS
Location: Marlette, Mi
Date: 2/23/03
Time: 1:28 PM
Age: 16

~~** Favorite Shit**~~
Number: 17
Tv Stations: Mtv
Food: depends on the day..
Drink: root beer
Place to Shop: pac sun
Clothing Line: LEI Jeans...and w/e shirt i like
Alcoholic Drink: Jack and Coke!
Movie: to many to list...
Colors: pink, black, navy blue, silver
Actor: that one! =P
Actress: Julia roberts, and julia stiles
Word/Phrase: nigga ( offense to the black people)
Video Game: grand theft auto
Computer Game: the sims
Cd: eminem! (and alot more!)
Bands: alot!
Song: mesmorize Ja Rule, schism Tool, headstong trapt..alot more!
Flowers: uh...pretty ones!
Hangout: crystals! love doing them flips on her bed!
Subject: don't have one...i hate them all...
Boy Name: Jordan
Girls Name: uh...
Day: everyother wednesdays!! (my flex days..)
Holiday: new years

~~** Have you Fucking Ever**~~
smoked: yea...long time
drank: yep
Got really shitfaced: oh yes...hardly remember anything!
Got high: yep
Broke the law: uh huh
Cheated on someone: naw...
Hated Someone: hell yea...i do right now
Cursed Someone Out: yup!
Went Skinnydripping: no..but that would be fun!
Had Sex: uh huh...
Went to 1st: yeah
Went to 2nd: yeah
Went to 3rd: um...
Stolen: yea...
Lied: yup
Made yourself throw-up: nope..i never throw up!
Cut: naw..
Went to a mental hospital: nope
Went to rehab: nope

~~** Right Fucking Now**~~

Wearing: pajama pants and sweat shirt
Hair is: pulled back
I'm feeling: bored...
Eating: nothin
Drinking: nothin
Thinking bout: these answers..callin crsytal..justin...whole bunch of shit
Listening to: mom and brother talking....
Talking: same as about

~~** Are you a Fucking ………**~~

Was: what??
Druggy: naw...
Drunk: i'm no drunk...but nice to drink once and awhile!
Liar: can be!
Whore/Slut: i'm a slut! lmao..right crystal?!
Striaght/Bi/Gay: totally straight
Active: when i feel like it
Social able: when i feel like it
Fun: when i'm in a good mood
Boring: i can be! lol
Daydreamer: yup..
Freak: of course not!!
Dork: of course! lol
Bitch/Asshole: i'm a bitch of course! (ask anyone!)
Brat: yup! lol
Sarcastic: definitely...
Goody-goody: nope
Angel: to some people! =P
Devil: of course!
Horny: lmao...lately! u have no idea! =P
Shy: used to be...not much anymore...
talkative: yup! i talk to anyone!
Adventurous: yea
Joker: a bit..but i'm not one to tell many jokes
Flirty: yea...can be

//. Do I. //
Smoke? nope...eww!!
Drink: yes..but regularly
Do drugs? not in awhile
Have sex?: not lately...
Sleep with stuffed animals?: no..
Live in the moment?: yea pretty much...
Have a Tatoo? nope...coulda but i didn't know what to know...
Have Peircing: 5 in my ears...
Have a dream that keeps coming back? not really
Play an instrument?: nope...drums would be cool tho!
Believe there is life on other planets?: sure why not
Remember your first love?: yep...
Still love him/her?: .....
Read the newspaper?: sometimes
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: not that i know of...
Believe in miracles?: i'm sure they can happen
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: u wanted to
Consider love a mistake?: sometimes
Believe in astrology?: hell yea
Believe in magic?: yea
Believe in god?: yea
Go to church?: no
Have any pets: yea
Do well in school?: i'm alright...
Go to or plan to go to college?: hopefully
Wear hats?: not really
Hate yourself?: sometimes
Have an obsession?:yea who doesn’t?
Have a secret crush?: depends on if u don't know! lol
Do they know yet?: i'm sure...
Have a best friend? yes
Wish on stars?: all the time....
Like your handwriting?: no..its bad..
Have any bad habits?: yep
Care about looks?: depends on who i'm going to see
Believe in witches?: sure why not?

~~** Fucking Friends**~~
Who are your friends: crystal, jen, hannah, justin(sorta), brandon(sorta),derek, sarah, keleigh(sorta),shenna.. i think thats it.....eek! sorrie if i forgot ya...
Who are your best friends: crystal, hannah
What friends do you trust with you life: um...crystal and hannah
What friend do you go to advice: use to be i'd say crystal and hannah..
What friends come to you for advice: um...i dunno...most all of them
What friend is the following:
Shy: crystal, hannah, sarah, keleigh (i think anyways)
Smart: um..there all smart...
Fun: all of them
Funny: them all! of course!
Joker: um...justin prolly
Sweet: jen...brandon(when not around his friends of course)
Sexy:! (hottness!!!)
Bitchy: they all can be....even me! :)
Lame: none of my friends!
Loser: all! lol =P
Coolest: all of ‘em!
What friend have you known the longest: Jen...since 2nd grade i think
What friend have you known the shortest: um...derek...brian...all the other ones i made this year!
What are you friends' styles: um....i dunno
What friend do you cry to: crystal...we cry to each other!

what are you wearing right now? same thing i said earlier..
current mood: bored and a little cold
current music: uh...i dunno....something my mom is listening to
current taste: a piece of my moms candy bar thingy!
Current hair: pulled back....not combed! lol
current dress: uh..what?
current annoyance: most people...
Current smell: my house?
current game: no game..
current thing: uhh...what?
current windows open: to cold for windows to be open!
current desktop picture: eminem ;P
current favorite group: hav alot!
current book: family honor
current cds in stereo: 2 burnt ones
Current color of toenails: no color
current worry: wtf i'm going to do...
current crush: justin (yes still!)
current favorite Celeb: eminem!
current hate: erin..stupid lil bitch and mike...little asshole...

~~** Final Fucking Question**~~
Who sent this to you: no one
Do you like that person:
What did you think: it was aright...same as always....
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