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very quick...monitor is a piece of shit...

yea my monitor is messing up...its only working cuz i hit
but anyways...i'm talkin to hannah! rock on!! yea crystal gave me a ride home...that was like the first time Justin sat by me since he broke up with me...i was shocked! but yeah! its all good and stuff! lol!
Me and crystal went into school late today! i was to tired to get up this morning so we waited! we both didn't get to sleep til like 1-2 o ya! rock on to that!!
we get our data match things this week! i'm getting mine sometime this far i'm on Bubbas...thats all i know...hhmmm...i prolly got some scrubby people! lol!! ah well!! anyways...i'm going to go before this fuckin monitor gets to bad...hopefully we get a new one sooon!!!!!! but ttyl! bye!
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