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Data Match Results...

yup! i got them yesterday just didn't have time to post here they are!!
Ricky Gonzalez-12-61%
Travis Fishell-12-61%
Brandon webster-11-61%
Josh Cole-12-61%
Shane Redman-9-58%
Pablo flores-9-58%
Oscar Bruck-11-58%
Ryan Hinman-9-58%
Nicholas Taylor-9-58%
Joshua Tatgenhorst-11-58%

Yup..there you have it my disapointing results...i have NO good people on my list...waste of my money if u ask me...god...i was hoping to have someone i acually LIKE!! oh well...all i can do is bitch...haha!! but thats all for my data match! so i'll ttyl! (in like a few minutes when i update real quick!)

and the only ones i know i'm on is:
Bubba and Justin
guess me and Justin are good after all =)
if only he seen that! =/ ah well!

Almost forgot my "Best Friends"
Shannon black
Lynn Deschamps(fuckin' sick dude!)
Michelle Darden
Stephanie Michaels
Shauna Burns
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