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super quick!

yes..this is like a super quick update cuz my monitor is a peice of shit!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU MONITOR!

anyways...after school i went to hannahs with crystal and justin...and kel, shane, and of course hannah was already there! pork chop was loose when we came to my house! crystal wouldn't get out! lol..neither would! :P but yea! i acually had some fun at hannahs! that one old fuckin' guy was fuckin funny...omg!!! lol!!! i laughed so hard when i seen him on cam...he was like fuckin 55 or some was fuckin sick dude...anyways!!!!!!! yea me and justin played some tony hawk! HE KICKED MY ASS!!! i must admit! lol!! i fuckin SUCK!!!!!! YOU WAIT JUSTIN!! NEXT TIME! ITS ALL MINE!!!!! =P
anyways! i went home at around 6 til almost 8 thanks to crystal! we missed half it! oh well!! yea we walked in right when gary and darell was up there! dude darell looked like eminem! lol! it was cool tho! even tho sorry gary but YOU SUCKED!!! its aright tho!!

but yea! anyways! i gotta go now! and HANNAH ISN'T TALKING!!!!!!! thanks hannah!!!!!!!

oh yea! i got thinkin...why did me and danielle stop talkin???? i dunno if she reads this..but yo! lmk danielle! cuz i really don't know!! i miss hangin out with her! i had some awesome times with her!! i dunno...fuck...i guess i screw everything up...but fuck i gotta go...

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