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stayed after school...

lmao i just typed "penis" for crystal to look up pictures for and there was like three penis' in one...oh boy
anyways...i think i'm going to make this a friends only journal...i need hannah to like make me one of them signs ya know?? even tho i try to write my more personal stuff in dead journal..but ya know...
oh yeah hey kelly want to start up a deadjournal since you can't update in ur live journal? i got a code yo! i heard u can't update anymore cuz of gary or something....just don't tell him about this one!!!
yea i'm eating some chee-tos!! these things rock!!!!!!!!!! i want some root beer tho!
oh yea...i think i seen my cousin today...i like put my hand in the hair to give crystal a letter and this guy waved..i'm like wtf dude...and then i like looked again and i think it was him....he prolly thinks i'm stuck up now...cuz i didn't know FOR SURE so i didn't want to go back! ya know? mom got that car today...well she was going to go pick it up err whatever well acually its my brothers...but anyways...yea she lost her job to...but she wanted to cuz she didn't like it there, she busted her ass for only 6.50 per hour....she had to clean up some dudes babies YO! that was fuckin' disgusting...
i've been saying YO to much lately...its like bothering me...cuz i dunno...

J/K i'm not racist if thats what ur thinking...BLACK PEOPLE RULE YO!

yea wanna know some real shit? i got a mother fuckin detention from mr. mother fuckin weber...i was fuckin' pissed when he gave me that...i was like to bad i went to get my fuckin' book...i was so pissed he gives me a detention for tardies but not for swearing...its like UR FUCKIN' RETARTED YO!!!!! god i fuckin' hate him and i'm not fuckin' serving that mother fucker...he can go fuck himself...he can "eat my ass" as crystal would say! lol!

anyways...yea i think i'm going to copy crystal and look for some friends or "fiends" which ever! ya know!?

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