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maybe we'll choke on it, or maybe we'll just be friends [entries|friends|calendar]

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friends only [12 Jan 2005|11:17pm]
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[13 Apr 2003|09:07pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]


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FRIENDS ONLY [03 Mar 2003|10:37pm]

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stayed after school... [03 Mar 2003|03:44pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

lmao i just typed "penis" for crystal to look up pictures for and there was like three penis' in one...oh boy
anyways...i think i'm going to make this a friends only journal...i need hannah to like make me one of them signs ya know?? even tho i try to write my more personal stuff in dead journal..but ya know...
oh yeah hey kelly want to start up a deadjournal since you can't update in ur live journal? i got a code yo! i heard u can't update anymore cuz of gary or something....just don't tell him about this one!!!
yea i'm eating some chee-tos!! these things rock!!!!!!!!!! i want some root beer tho!
oh yea...i think i seen my cousin today...i like put my hand in the hair to give crystal a letter and this guy waved..i'm like wtf dude...and then i like looked again and i think it was him....he prolly thinks i'm stuck up now...cuz i didn't know FOR SURE so i didn't want to go back! ya know?
anyways...my mom got that car today...well she was going to go pick it up err whatever well acually its my brothers...but anyways...yea she lost her job to...but she wanted to cuz she didn't like it there, she busted her ass for only 6.50 per hour....she had to clean up some dudes babies YO! that was fuckin' disgusting...
i've been saying YO to much lately...its like bothering me...cuz i dunno...

J/K i'm not racist if thats what ur thinking...BLACK PEOPLE RULE YO!

yea wanna know some real shit? i got a mother fuckin detention from mr. mother fuckin weber...i was fuckin' pissed when he gave me that...i was like to bad i went to get my fuckin' book...i was so pissed he gives me a detention for tardies but not for swearing...its like UR FUCKIN' RETARTED YO!!!!! god i fuckin' hate him and i'm not fuckin' serving that mother fucker...he can go fuck himself...he can "eat my ass" as crystal would say! lol!

anyways...yea i think i'm going to copy crystal and look for some friends or "fiends" which ever! ya know!?


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retart [03 Mar 2003|11:38am]
i'm an offical retart! lmao
i didn't know how to spell GRAPH
i spelt it GRAFT
i'm so stupid! =P
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another day..another fucking day.. [03 Mar 2003|10:53am]
yea i'm in 3rd hour talkin to crystal! whoo hoo! we hardly ever talk in this class anymore its really weird...but its all good...anyways! i got some new earrings yesterday! =D there really big hoops...then i got some really cool star hoop thingies! they're rockin YO! =P but yea i got a ride from brandon this morning, didn't really wanna get a ride with crystal for certain reasons and stuff...but shit mother fucker we gotta go so i'll update later!


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FINALLY A NEW MONITOR! [02 Mar 2003|10:37pm]
[ mood | sick ]

yup we finally got a monitor its pretty nice to! for only 118.00 so thats not bad...
i feel like shit so i don't really feel like updating much so this will be pretty damn short...

acually i'm going to go right now since i gotta call crystal before i go to bed...


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so very true.... [01 Mar 2003|09:09pm]
Blue info
Your Heart is Blue

What Color is Your Heart?
brought to you by Quizilla
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at hannah's house!!! [01 Mar 2003|12:04pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

I spent the night at hannahs house last night!!! for the second time!!! i dunno why i never come here maybe cuz we both live in town or something... i dunno... i'll prolly go home at like 12:30-12:45 or something...gotta go clean house and shit..before my ma gets home...and i gotta clean my room this weekend or i can't do anything for 2 WEEKS!!! so yea...gotta clean my room tonight...i have nothing else better to do anyways...
i hope we got a new monitor last night...i'll be pissed if we didn't... this guy was suppose to bring us one...so he better have YO!!!
yea i didn't end up going to the dance or the game...cuz i was thinkin about comming here for awhile then going to the dance and then going home...but i decided to just hang out with hannah! i had more fun than i woulda at the stupid dance anyways...i think i only wanted to go cuz of certain people..ya know? yea...cuz i'm gay like that!!
YES! WE HAVE FLEX this wednesday!!!!!!!!! i'm so glad...i dunno what i'm going to do tho...stay home? or Go to hannahs? or the school? Jen is usually up at the school...but i dunno...anyways...Justin is on AIM but he's not talking to me...figures!! i think he like hates me now for real this time...but oh well...i gotta PEEEEEEE but i hate going at peoples houses...so ya know...gotta wait til i go home! eek! i can do it! i'm like pro at it now cuz of crystals house...i always wait there...lol...cuz agian i'm gay like that! =P
hannah's lover like never talks to me...lol...he's to shy...
i just asked justin out...he said no...
whateverCollapse )

well i gotta go..dont' feel like typing anymore....

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lunch time... [27 Feb 2003|12:42pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Yup...its lunch time and i'm loser! so i have nothing else better to do than to come in here and get on the computers! and update..and all that shit...
i have detention tonight...i really don't wanna go...so we'll see...cuz i really don't feel like sitting there for a half hour...but yet again if i don't serve it, it becomes an hour...so fuck that...i hate sitting there for an hour...so i think i'll just say fuck it and go...
but anyways...hannah is lucky i called her this morning to remind her about my calculator...i need that bitch for my 5th hour accounting...it makes me mad when she doesn't give it to me cuz like...i let her use it for her class...so why shouldn't i be able to...she could like even give it to me after 1st hour...or anything....just before 5th hour...cuz i hate being called on and not knowing wtf the answer is... but its really not that big of a deal...usually when i DO have it...we don't need them...but when i don't have it...WE NEED them...so its really fuckin gay...but i guess i'm just bitching...of course! i seem to do that alot!
can someone answer this question for me???
why do i like justin so much????
i mean honestly...i don't have a fuckin clue...yea i've thought about askin him out and shit..but i think i need to get this question answered first...ya know?? i mean he's a fuckin' asshole to me HALF the time...and he doesn't even like talk to me hardly anymore or hang out with me and shit...its really weird...buti don't fuckin know...

brandon isn't here today...he prolly didn't feel like getting up knowing him....damn you brandon! i am hungry! =P but its aright!!

well i gotta go...ttyl!!

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damn science... [27 Feb 2003|11:28am]
i got a quiz in science next hour..and i don't know shit..oh well..he didn't give us our shit back to study with...what does he expect?

anyways...i'm updating in here and my dead journal...but thats about differnt stuff... more private...more thoughtful stuff i'd say...feelings...all that shit...

well yes i did go to the career center next year...honestly i don't really wanna...but mr. moore said its better to go 2 years...but wtf does he know...i told him i wanted to be a psychologist and he's like u gonna go to the career center for health occ. i'm like...WTF! are u dumb or what...i'm not gonna be a fuckin' nurse...geezus crist
but yea..my classes i signed up for are:
Geometry, Biology, and English 11

it sorta makes me mad when like my FRIENDS say that i can't do geometry...that like i shouldn't take it and shit...its like...wtf...aright...thanks for all the support...i mean...c'mon...fuckin' hali and them said i could do it in geometry and they ain't even my like close friends or anything...so i dunno...but hey...maybe i can't...wtf do i know...

well g2g...bye
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super quick! [26 Feb 2003|09:54pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

yes..this is like a super quick update cuz my monitor is a peice of shit!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU MONITOR!

anyways...after school i went to hannahs with crystal and justin...and kel, shane, and of course hannah was already there! pork chop was loose when we came to my house! crystal wouldn't get out! lol..neither would justin..lol...pussies! :P but yea! i acually had some fun at hannahs! that one old fuckin' guy was fuckin funny...omg!!! lol!!! i laughed so hard when i seen him on cam...he was like fuckin 55 or some shit...it was fuckin sick dude...anyways!!!!!!! yea me and justin played some tony hawk! HE KICKED MY ASS!!! i must admit! lol!! i fuckin SUCK!!!!!! YOU WAIT JUSTIN!! NEXT TIME! ITS ALL MINE!!!!! =P
anyways! i went home at around 6 til almost 8 thanks to crystal! we missed half it! oh well!! yea we walked in right when gary and darell was up there! dude darell looked like eminem! lol! it was cool tho! even tho sorry gary but YOU SUCKED!!! its aright tho!!

but yea! anyways! i gotta go now! and HANNAH ISN'T TALKING!!!!!!! thanks hannah!!!!!!!

oh yea! i got thinkin...why did me and danielle stop talkin???? i dunno if she reads this..but yo! lmk danielle! cuz i really don't know!! i miss hangin out with her! i had some awesome times with her!! i dunno...fuck...i guess i screw everything up...but fuck i gotta go...


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Data Match Results... [26 Feb 2003|09:43pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

yup! i got them yesterday just didn't have time to post them...so here they are!!

Ricky Gonzalez-12-61%
Travis Fishell-12-61%
Brandon webster-11-61%
Josh Cole-12-61%
Shane Redman-9-58%
Pablo flores-9-58%
Oscar Bruck-11-58%
Ryan Hinman-9-58%
Nicholas Taylor-9-58%
Joshua Tatgenhorst-11-58%

Yup..there you have it my disapointing results...i have NO good people on my list...waste of my money if u ask me...god...i was hoping to have someone i acually LIKE!! oh well...all i can do is bitch...haha!! but thats all for my data match! so i'll ttyl! (in like a few minutes when i update real quick!)

and the only ones i know i'm on is:
Bubba and Justin
guess me and Justin are good after all =)
if only he seen that! =/ ah well!

Almost forgot my "Best Friends"
Shannon black
Lynn Deschamps(fuckin' sick dude!)
Michelle Darden
Stephanie Michaels
Shauna Burns
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[26 Feb 2003|07:40pm]
nothing...waiting for crystal...
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i think i'm going to die....... [26 Feb 2003|11:35am]
[ mood | sick ]

i feel like shit today...omg...i'm so like tired...but its a sick kinda tired...my body like aches....i dunno...anyways...i went to the game last night with crystal..i had to go home tho after wards...i dunno why....my mom was just in a bad mood...so yea...i dunno...i gotta go...class is almost out....


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Just got out of detention.... [25 Feb 2003|03:57pm]
i just got out of detention!! whoo hoo!! FINALLY!! my mom came to see me! lol!! it was funny as hell...then crystal was saying stuff to mrs. rock..it was fuckin' funny...
but anyways..i'm going to crystals house tonight! i'm going to the game with her..and i dunno if i'm spending the night or not...

well i g2g
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god..all u do is bitch bitch bitch..... [24 Feb 2003|08:19pm]
[ mood | devious ]

i'm getting bitched at right now for makin' out with someone...wtf...he can't tell me he wouldn't fuckin' make out with me if he had the chance...damn...he's trying to tell me that sex and kissing isnt' a part of a relationship...that love, caring, repecting, and passionate...well yea..them to...but yet kissing is passionate and means something...so therefore! ya know!

anyways...i'm talkin to erica!! she's talking about the dumb bitch (erin) lmao its great!! god i hate that bitch! i could fuckin' kill her!!!!! anyways! lol...i'm done!!

yes! its getting warmer! i can't wait! cuz then me and hannah can go on our walks! its gonna be great! we can walk to kellys' house to!


well anyways! i'm gonna go! i'll ttyl!

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very quick...monitor is a piece of shit... [24 Feb 2003|03:41pm]
[ mood | exanimate ]

yea my monitor is messing up...its only working cuz i hit it...lol
but anyways...i'm talkin to hannah! rock on!! yea crystal gave me a ride home...that was like the first time Justin sat by me since he broke up with me...i was shocked! but yeah! its all good and stuff! lol!
Me and crystal went into school late today! i was to tired to get up this morning so we waited! we both didn't get to sleep til like 1-2 o clock...so ya! rock on to that!!
we get our data match things this week! i'm getting mine sometime this week...so far i'm on Bubbas...thats all i know...hhmmm...i prolly got some scrubby people! lol!! ah well!! anyways...i'm going to go before this fuckin monitor gets to bad...hopefully we get a new one sooon!!!!!! but ttyl! bye!

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another survey.... [23 Feb 2003|01:22pm]
~~** Regular Shit**~~
First name: Amanda
Nicknames: Bo Boo(lol, thats my newest one), skipper, slut, Manda, lil bitch!, and many more!
Single or Taken: as of now...i'm single!
Sex: Female...obviously!
Birthday: December 2
Astrological sign: sag
Siblings: 3 brothers, 1 sister...(and my soul/blood sister..lol)
Brothers: 3......18, 6, 5
Sisters: 1 dunno...don't know her...
Hair color: brown..blonde highlights
Eye color: brown
Shoe size: 8...8 1/2
Height: 5’4
Shampoo: whatever’s in the shower
Conditioner: whatever’s in the shower
School: MHS
Location: Marlette, Mi
Email: manda2016@hotmail.com
Date: 2/23/03
Time: 1:28 PM
Age: 16

~~** Favorite Shit**~~
Number: 17
Tv Stations: Mtv
Food: depends on the day..
Drink: root beer
Place to Shop: pac sun
Clothing Line: LEI Jeans...and w/e shirt i like
Alcoholic Drink: Jack and Coke!
Movie: to many to list...
Colors: pink, black, navy blue, silver
Actor: that one! =P
Actress: Julia roberts, and julia stiles
Word/Phrase: nigga (lol..no offense to the black people)
Video Game: grand theft auto
Computer Game: the sims
Cd: eminem! (and alot more!)
Bands: alot!
Song: mesmorize Ja Rule, schism Tool, headstong trapt..alot more!
Flowers: uh...pretty ones!
Hangout: crystals! love doing them flips on her bed!
Subject: don't have one...i hate them all...
Boy Name: Jordan
Girls Name: uh...
Day: everyother wednesdays!! (my flex days..)
Holiday: new years

~~** Have you Fucking Ever**~~
smoked: yea...long time
drank: yep
Got really shitfaced: oh yes...hardly remember anything!
Got high: yep
Broke the law: uh huh
Cheated on someone: naw...
Hated Someone: hell yea...i do right now
Cursed Someone Out: yup!
Went Skinnydripping: no..but that would be fun!
Had Sex: uh huh...
Went to 1st: yeah
Went to 2nd: yeah
Went to 3rd: um...
Stolen: yea...
Lied: yup
Made yourself throw-up: nope..i never throw up!
Cut: naw..
Went to a mental hospital: nope
Went to rehab: nope

~~** Right Fucking Now**~~

Wearing: pajama pants and sweat shirt
Hair is: pulled back
I'm feeling: bored...
Eating: nothin
Drinking: nothin
Thinking bout: these answers..callin crsytal..justin...whole bunch of shit
Listening to: mom and brother talking....
Talking: same as about

~~** Are you a Fucking ………**~~

Was: what??
Druggy: naw...
Drunk: i'm no drunk...but nice to drink once and awhile!
Liar: can be!
Whore/Slut: i'm a slut! lmao..right crystal?!
Striaght/Bi/Gay: totally straight
Active: when i feel like it
Social able: when i feel like it
Fun: when i'm in a good mood
Boring: i can be! lol
Daydreamer: yup..
Freak: of course not!!
Dork: of course! lol
Bitch/Asshole: i'm a bitch of course! (ask anyone!)
Brat: yup! lol
Sarcastic: definitely...
Goody-goody: nope
Angel: to some people! =P
Devil: of course!
Horny: lmao...lately! u have no idea! =P
Shy: used to be...not much anymore...
talkative: yup! i talk to anyone!
Adventurous: yea
Joker: a bit..but i'm not one to tell many jokes
Flirty: yea...can be

//. Do I. //
Smoke? nope...eww!!
Drink: yes..but regularly
Do drugs? not in awhile
Have sex?: not lately...
Sleep with stuffed animals?: no..
Live in the moment?: yea pretty much...
Have a Tatoo? nope...coulda but i didn't know what to get...lol..so..ya know...
Have Peircing: 5 in my ears...
Have a dream that keeps coming back? not really
Play an instrument?: nope...drums would be cool tho!
Believe there is life on other planets?: sure why not
Remember your first love?: yep...
Still love him/her?: .....
Read the newspaper?: sometimes
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: not that i know of...
Believe in miracles?: i'm sure they can happen
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: u wanted to
Consider love a mistake?: sometimes
Believe in astrology?: hell yea
Believe in magic?: yea
Believe in god?: yea
Go to church?: no
Have any pets: yea
Do well in school?: i'm alright...
Go to or plan to go to college?: hopefully
Wear hats?: not really
Hate yourself?: sometimes
Have an obsession?:yea who doesn’t?
Have a secret crush?: depends on if u don't know! lol
Do they know yet?: i'm sure...
Have a best friend? yes
Wish on stars?: all the time....
Like your handwriting?: no..its bad..
Have any bad habits?: yep
Care about looks?: depends on who i'm going to see
Believe in witches?: sure why not?

~~** Fucking Friends**~~
Who are your friends: crystal, jen, hannah, justin(sorta), brandon(sorta),derek, sarah, keleigh(sorta),shenna.. i think thats it.....eek! sorrie if i forgot ya...
Who are your best friends: crystal, hannah
What friends do you trust with you life: um...crystal and hannah
What friend do you go to advice: use to be keleigh...but..now i'd say crystal and hannah..
What friends come to you for advice: um...i dunno...most all of them
What friend is the following:
Shy: crystal, hannah, sarah, keleigh (i think anyways)
Smart: um..there all smart...
Fun: all of them
Funny: them all! of course!
Joker: um...justin prolly
Sweet: jen...brandon(when not around his friends of course)
Sexy: lmao...um...derek! (hottness!!!)
Bitchy: they all can be....even me! :)
Lame: none of my friends!
Loser: all! lol =P
Coolest: all of ‘em!
What friend have you known the longest: Jen...since 2nd grade i think
What friend have you known the shortest: um...derek...brian...all the other ones i made this year!
What are you friends' styles: um....i dunno
What friend do you cry to: crystal...we cry to each other!

what are you wearing right now? same thing i said earlier..
current mood: bored and a little cold
current music: uh...i dunno....something my mom is listening to
current taste: a piece of my moms candy bar thingy!
Current hair: pulled back....not combed! lol
current dress: uh..what?
current annoyance: most people...
Current smell: my house?
current game: no game..
current thing: uhh...what?
current windows open: to cold for windows to be open!
current desktop picture: eminem ;P
current favorite group: hav alot!
current book: family honor
current cds in stereo: 2 burnt ones
Current color of toenails: no color
current worry: wtf i'm going to do...
current crush: justin (yes still!)
current favorite Celeb: eminem!
current hate: erin..stupid lil bitch and mike...little asshole...

~~** Final Fucking Question**~~
Who sent this to you: no one
Do you like that person:
What did you think: it was aright...same as always....
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went to the game last night... [22 Feb 2003|04:57pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

yea i went home with crystal...layed on the bed while she got on the computer...i was SO TIRED!! so i was dosing off there...then justin started messing around...so i couldn't relax anymore!!! but hey...it was fun! yeah...i made out with justin i dunno why tho...guess i just felt like it...its weird cuz earlier that day i told brandon i didn't make out with people i'm not going out with..then i go and do that...so yeah...i dunno... but no...were not going out...he prolly still hates me...but i dunno...

anyways...we lost the game!!!!!! fucker mr. weber....maybe if he'd put some differnt fuckin' players in once in awhile....but hey wtf ever...i guess...

well anyways...i'm going to go...me and my mom got like 5 movies to watch....so gotta get watching them!!!

oh yes i finally talked to kelly!! =) lol i was home this time!!!


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