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went to the game last night...

yea i went home with crystal...layed on the bed while she got on the computer...i was SO TIRED!! so i was dosing off there...then justin started messing i couldn't relax anymore!!! but was fun! yeah...i made out with justin i dunno why tho...guess i just felt like it...its weird cuz earlier that day i told brandon i didn't make out with people i'm not going out with..then i go and do yeah...i dunno... but no...were not going out...he prolly still hates me...but i dunno...

anyways...we lost the game!!!!!! fucker mr. weber....maybe if he'd put some differnt fuckin' players in once in awhile....but hey wtf ever...i guess...

well anyways...i'm going to and my mom got like 5 movies to gotta get watching them!!!

oh yes i finally talked to kelly!! =) lol i was home this time!!!

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